EDAC is the choice for custom connectors. We can build a ‘Made To Spec’ connector to your specification. We have a fully integrated Engineering team in Toronto, Canada who can build a spec and drawings of your product. We provide fast turnaround of drawings and specifications – from concept to production in as little as 12 weeks with prototypes within 4 weeks. We have some of the lowest Minimum Order Quantities in the industry and can assist with flexible tooling options. Have a look at some of the case studies within this site where you can see how EDAC has provided bespoke custom connector solutions for many customers. EDAC also has the ability to manufacture alternatives to competitors obsolete parts. So there is no need to accept a Product Discontinuation Notification!

In addition to this, every standard EDAC connector can be modified to a customer requirement. This can be done online. Click here to visit the EDAC Design Center.

EDAC offers a wide array of I/O connectors. These range from USB connectors offering power and data transmission in one package to RJ45 magnetic jacks that handle transfer of data at high speeds in network applications. Supporting 10/100 to 10 Gig coupled with filter circuits available compatible with all leading Phy chips. EDAC Ethernet connectors will help deliver high speed data solutions while keep your networks running seamlessly. EDAC also supports legacy RS 232 connections with one of the widest selections of D-sub connectors in the industry. Time tested technology that keeps on delivering in today’s world. Our latest offering in I/O connections is a full range of HDMI connectors for high speed video and audio transmission. We connect your video networks and in the process we connect your world…

EDAC offers premium interconnect solutions to interface all boards in your system. Our legendary Card Edge Connectors provide a time tested reliable method to mate mother and daughter boards. An almost infinite array of card edge options and configurations parlays in to  the very best fit to your applications. A wide  range of Pin Headers and sockets including narrow pitch versions to save valuable board space offer an economical solution of pairing boards in harmony to insure the integrity and performance of your system. Products such as the B57 series “Centronics” style connector are fully supported and provide a time tested method of interconnecting boards in a backplane. EDAC Rack and Panel connectors are also an excellent choice in your backplanes. A large number of connections can be mated and an air tight, gas tight connection insures maximum continuity combined with long term reliability. Torque down the actuating screw bringing the connector halves together and you will achieve a robust solution delivering high performance over the life of our product.

EDAC offers a wide range of cable connectors including D-subs, RF co-axial connectors, ribbon and Flex cable, Rack and Panel and our IP67 waterproof Plug and Sockets. If you have applications to interconnect wires and cables then we have the broadest range of connectors at your disposal. Or we can terminate your wires and provide a full turnkey solution. EDAC produces quality cable assemblies with great pride. We specialize in custom or semi custom and often we can take a standard connector and modify within our tooling to provide the solution you need. Couple this with the ability to source almost every cable specification in the market we can produce an assembly with the current ratings, Voltage ratings you need coupled with maximum EMI protection to insure your equipment operates as it is intended to. Call EDAC now and “Get Wired”.


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