Press Fit / Series 700

Series 700

  • Compliant pin press fit technology with make before break hot swap capability.
  • Solderless field serviceable board contacts in 0.100, 0.125 and 0.156 spacing.
  • Gold-over-nickel plated contacts with nickel underlay, in PCB thru-hole or wirewrap terminations.
  • Optional MBB technology allows for hot swapping circuit boards using make-before-break contacts.
  • From 5 to 150 pins (0.100), 5 to 120 pins (0.125) or 5 to 86 pins (0.156).
  • Unique compliant pin design allows for low insertion force and no damage to boards.
  • Also available in a press fit telecom ribbon connector style (Series B57 see Telecom Backplane Connector).

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